Snowmelt Season

The snowmelt season is one of the biggest challenges for roofs throughout the year. It can be a test for both the drainage capacity of the roof and the bearing capacity of the overall building structure. Melting snow on the roofs not only increases the potential for ice dams, but the tremendous amount of water transformed from it also brings a huge load on the roof drainage system…

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Leaky Condo and How to Avoid it

If you are considering buying a condo in the Vancouver area, be aware that there is still a number of leaky condo in the market, despite lots of them have been remediated. You need to be very cautious or you will be buying into lots of trouble because the cost to remediate the ongoing structural and moisture issues associated with leaky condo is astronomical…

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Keep Smoke Detectors Active

Smoke detectors save lives by notifying people of fire in the home but it can leads to tragedy when they aren’t working properly. It is important to put smoke detectors in the right places in your home. It is advised that smoke detectors should be installed outside each bedroom and sleeping area, and on each level of your home. Be noticed that…

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How Do You Know If Your Skylight is Leaking?

Skylight is an excellent source of natural light to our home, however, they are also known as one of the most troublesome roofing details. Sometimes they leak when they are not properly installed, or their flashing is damaged. Such case water can get underneath the roofing, leak out around the skylights and cause serious damage…

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Hidden Water Leak in Ceiling

🔍Leaking problem found in the area of air-con register in new constructionHow can it be identified by the naked eye? new house may look flawless, but this is because no one else has ever lived in it to see if there are any problems. Numerous issues are being discovered at almost every new-construction inspections we…

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Is It Time to Replace the Window?

Replacing windows is a common home improvement project and we are often asked if there are any signals showing the windows need to be replaced. There are some signs, 1. Jamming Windows Window should not be challenging to operate unless it is damaged or not properly installed. A window that is difficult to open, close or lock…

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