What Could Be Wrong in the Attic?

Being one of the most neglected part in your home, attic space in fact plays an important role in keeping your home and your family safe and sound.
Attic space being a significant part to the integrity of your home, we always spend a considerable amount of time and effort to inspect, despite its difficult accessibility. Below is a list of issues we commonly discovered inside the attic.

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Do Climbing Vines Damage Exterior Walls?

Many homeowners may find leave-clad houses are attractive, some may be worried about problems with growing plants up the wall.
Self-clinging climbers such as common ivy support itself by growing aerial roots and penetrating cracks or crevices. These invasive roots can cause…

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Springtime is the season with longer daytime and warmer weather. This is the time of year when homeowners give their homes the “spring cleaning”.
It is also the time to assess any damage and take appropriate actions. If you have no idea where to start with, we have prepared a spring maintenance checklist so you know how to keep your home in optimal condition for the rest of the year.

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Additional Precautions for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, lots of homebuyers are affected as many home inspectors are suspending their service due to the unprecedented risk. We want you to know that Inspectology is doing everything we can to support you through this difficult time. We are taking additional precautions to keep our clients and homeowner safe. This is our first priority.

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Clues to Buried Fuel Oil Tanks

If you are buying a Vancouver house built prior to 1970, be aware there is a high probability of a buried oil tank. An underground oil tank could affect your insurance and mortgage. The associated environmental impact could cost you up to a hundred thousand dollars for remediation. Buried oil tank creates a huge liability for the homeowner and you, the buyer. In Vancouver…

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Snowmelt Season

The snowmelt season is one of the biggest challenges for roofs throughout the year. It can be a test for both the drainage capacity of the roof and the bearing capacity of the overall building structure. Melting snow on the roofs not only increases the potential for ice dams, but the tremendous amount of water transformed from it also brings a huge load on the roof drainage system…

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