Do Climbing Vines Damage Exterior Walls?

Many homeowners may find leave-clad houses are attractive, some may be worried about problems with growing plants up the wall.

Self-clinging climbers such as common ivy support itself by growing aerial roots and penetrating cracks or crevices.

These invasive roots can cause considerable damage to wall surfaces. They can widen existing cracks and allow moisture to pass through. To make things worst, flowering vines and climbers may also harbour pests or insects.

If you really want to add a vertical garden to your home, be prepared to manage and inspect it annually. It is best to keep the vine contained to only where you want it, pruned away from the woodwork, gutters, and windows. A covering of wall climbing plants may also mask any visible structural issues in the wall so make sure that the growing surface is sound and shows no cracks or loose bricks.

Frequently train and trim vines and keep them away from any windows, gutters and shingles.

Expand your garden vertically while keeping the home safe and sound for your family in this beautiful summertime!

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