New Construction Inspections

New Construction Inspections

New House/ Construction Inspections

New homes can have problems, too.

Buying a brand new home, fresh and clean that no one ever owns is always fascinating. A new house may look flawless, but this is because no one else has ever lived in it to see if there are any problems.

If you are planning to buy a new house, you should have it inspected. Numerous issues are being discovered at almost every new-construction inspections we do. Home buyers and good builders appreciate having these issues found out before they turn into serious and expensive problems. A professional inspector like us would know exactly what to look for during a new-construction home inspection.

New homes built in BC are protected by 2-5-10 home warranty insurance, a protection which recognized as one of the most effective home warranty standards in Canada. New home buyers should have the house inspected before the warranty expires. The sooner you discover the problems, the sooner the builder can come to fix them.

When Building a Custom Home

After the construction is completed, hire a home inspector to review the house a few days before the final walk-through with the builder. Our home inspector is trained professionally to notice any details that an untrained eye could miss. Remember to include the defects discovered to your final punch list, and don’ t settle the final payment until each problem is solved.

We have been working closely with renown builders to perform new construction inspections. We provide unbiased advice to the home buyers and house builders.

When Buying a Spec Home

New homes aren’t built to perfect. Buyers may not get involved in every detail of a spec home. That’s why adding a home inspection contingency to the sales contract and hire a professional home inspector to review the property before closing is the best decision.

On top of ensuring the house and systems are sound, homebuyers are more than welcome to be in presence to the walk-through with our home inspector. It is a great opportunity to learn more about how to operate and maintain the new home.

What’s Included
  • Thorough Inspection to Examine/Test Every Component in the Property
  • Infrared Thermal Scanning to See Hidden Problems
  • Functional Tests of Appliances for Your Peace of Mind
  • Interactive Presentation & Full Explanation of Findings
  • Guided Walk-through of the Property
  • On-site Q&A Session to Make Sure You Understand Everything
  • Comprehensive Digital Report with Illustrated Photos & Detailed Explanation
  • Post-Inspection Consultation
Inspection Systems & Elements
  • Site
    – Grading, Retaining Walls, Patios, Walkways, Driveways
  • Roofing System
    – Roof Covering, Drainage System, Flashings, Chimneys, Skylights
  • Exterior
    – Wall Covering, Flashing, Doors, Windows, Balconies, Steps, Railings
  • Garage/ Carport
    – Garage Doors, Door Operators, Structural System, Electrical System
  • Structural System
    – Foundation, Basement, Crawl Space, Attic, Floor, Wall, Ceiling & Roof Structure
  • Electrical System
    – Service Panels, Service Grounding, Receptacles, Lighting Fixtures, Switches, GFCI, AFCI, Smoke detectors, CO detectors
  • Heating & Cooling System
    – Furnaces, Boilers, Fireplaces, Venting System, Central Air Conditioner, Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)
  • Insulation & Venting System
    – Insulation, Vapour Barrier, Ventilation, Mechanical Venting System
  • Plumbing System
    – Water Supply & Distribution, Drain, Waste & Vent System, Fixture & Faucets, Water Heaters, Drainage Pumps, Sump Pumps
  • Interior
    – Floors, Walls & Ceilings, Doors, Windows, Stairways, Countertops, Cabinets
  • Built-in Appliances
    – Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Ovens, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Garburators, Central Vacuum

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