Infrared Imaging

Infrared (Thermal) Imaging

The information provided by thermal imaging inspections is valuable to the homeowner or prospective home buyer as a non-invasive method of seeing what might be going on behind your walls. 

Infrared Thermography involves the use of a special camera sensitive to infrared radiation to capture wavelengths that spot small, but key changes in temperature in different areas of a house. It assists the home inspector to identify problematic areas that the naked eye never could and some that visual inspections could only hypothesize.

Thermal imaging visualizes temperature differences and to reveal areas of energy loss or excessive heat generation. The result needs to be interpreted by the inspector who can point out the possible sources of error in measurements such as dry areas, reflected heat, and the limit of surface readings.

We use our infrared camera during home inspections on a discretionary basis for NO additional fee.    

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