Meet Kevin

Kevin Choi

BC Licensed Home Inspector #74167
Home Inspectors Association BC
Accredited Home Inspector #406
CPBC Approved Trainer
Certified Infrared Thermographer

B.Eng in Industrial and System Engineering

English, Cantonese, Mandarin Service

“Homes tell you their stories if you know
how to listen.”

Kevin’s fascination with houses started at a young age when he followed his father, a civil engineer and builder, to the construction sites. After finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and System Engineering and worked as an industrial engineer in Hong Kong, Kevin made a big decision to come to Vancouver to continue his passion about homes. He became a licensed home inspector and certified infrared thermographer. He is professionally trained and certified to inspect each and every systems and components in a home.

Kevin has been providing accurate and thorough home inspection services to home buyers all over metro Vancouver. He continually updates his knowledge to stay on top of the home building technologies, renovation trends and industrial practices. Kevin’s inquisitive nature also makes him a reliable home inspector. Whether it’s getting up onto the roof or crawling to the dirtiest part of the crawlspace, he does his best to deliver the most comprehensive information.

Kevin inspects every home as if it were his own. He enjoys working side by side with home buyers and helping them with his professional knowledge. Kevin is glad to turn his passion into a career. And seeing a smiling face on his customer is definitely his best reward of the day.

Besides his love of work, Kevin enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing – basically being outdoors – which is one of the best part of Vancouver!

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