Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

pre-listing home inspection allows you to get a clear picture about the state of your home

A pre-listing inspection report brings confidence to any potential home buyer.

Nowadays, more and more home sellers in Vancouver are choosing to have their homes inspected before putting them up for sale. These inspections, commonly known as pre-listing inspections or sellers inspections, offer benefits to sellers in many ways and more importantly, help making the selling process go smoother.

Not knowing if there is something wrong with your home could be a major cause of stress

Without having a pre-listing inspection, sellers are often surprised by problems found during a buyer inspection. When asked by potential buyer to fix the problems, the seller can only choose to spend money on repairs or offer to discount the selling price, in order to complete the deal.

As a smart seller, you don’t have to wait for the buyer inspection

Having a pre-listing inspection is a wonderful chance for home sellers, to know if there is any issues in your home and take actions with the problems even before listing the property for sale. The seller can choose to do repairs to get a better price for the home, or disclosure the items that do not want to deal with so any potential buyer knows what they are buying, and less price negotiation.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection helps you…
  • Know the condition – Find out the exact condition of your home, without getting any surprises
  • Accurate pricing – Knowing the home condition makes setting a price much easier
  • Option “Repair” – Set your own schedule for repairs until your home looks fresh and clean
  • Option “Disclosure” – Less room for negotiation as all parties have been aware of any issue
  • Sell with Confidence – List your home with confidence, knowing that nothing is going to come up that you didn’t know about

Make your listing attractive with an Inspectology Inspection Report

Having your pre-listing inspection report available for potential home buyers make your listing more attractive. The report does not only tell you the home condition, it brings a peace of mind to any potential buyers about their purchase decision.

Every home sale involves stress and uncertainty, you can however limit the unpleasantness by having a pre-listing home inspection. Hire an experienced professional to help you understand your home conditions and make your sale a whole lot easier.

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  • Thorough Interior and Exterior Inspection, from Roof to Foundation
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  • On-site Q&A Session
  • Advisory Support
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