Snowmelt Season

The snowmelt season is one of the biggest challenges for roofs throughout the year.

It can be a test for both the drainage capacity of the roof and the bearing capacity of the overall building structure. Melting snow on the roofs not only increases the potential for ice dams, but the tremendous amount of water transformed from it also brings a huge load on the roof drainage system.

If the drainage system is damaged or blocked, water will run through the roof into the house. Snow on the roof also put a certain degree of load on the structure. Once the structural integrity is compromised due to poor construction or design, or lack of maintenance, together with heavy snow can pose a very real risk to the soundness of the building’s structure.

How snow melts on the roof

How snow melts on the roof

Posted by Inspectology Home Inspections on Sunday, January 19, 2020

Signs of water damage coming through the ceiling or cracks in the drywall is one of the indications that there is a problem. Homeowners are advanced to seek assistance from a qualified home inspector as soon as they discover the issue.

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