How Do You Know If Your Skylight is Leaking?

Skylight is an excellent source of natural light to our home, however, they are also known as one of the most troublesome roofing details. Sometimes they leak when they are not properly installed, or their flashing is damaged. Such case water can get underneath the roofing, leak out around the skylights and cause serious damage to the structure.

Most of the time, a drip underside of a skylight is not a leak at all. This is, in fact, a condensation issue as a result of improper insulation. A poorly insulated skylight not only increases the potential for condensation problems, because of the excessive heat loss that occurs around the skylight, an ice dam is also more likely to occur.

The damage a leaking skylight can cause is more extensive than you think. Regular inspections of both the roof and skylight can help detect problems early on and save money by avoiding larger problems later on.

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