Is It Time to Replace the Window?

Replacing windows is a common home improvement project and we are often asked if there are any signals showing the windows need to be replaced. There are some signs,

1. Jamming Windows

Window should not be challenging to operate unless it is damaged or not properly installed. A window that is difficult to open, close or lock not only brings inconvenience to your life, it also impacts the safety of the house.

2. Constant Frost and Condensation Issue

Sometimes it could be an excess moisture / inadequate ventilation issue in your home that causes the windows to become foggy and covered with condensation, especially when the temperature starts dropping. Water ponding on the windowsill or dripping down the wall could badly damage finishes, or even worst, bring considerable concealed damage to the wall system.

3. Mold or Rot Around the Windowsill or Window Frame

Condensation can cause material to rot or rust. If the rot goes into the structure, it could turn into a big repair project. Decay matter is a good source for mold growth. That’s another serious health issue for you and your family.

4. Noticeably Colder in the Area of the Window

Ideally you want an envelope that keeps warm air in and cold air out. When the windows were not properly installed and insulated, cold air could get in and create condensation around the windows, and again causing damages.

5. Condensation Within Windowpanes

Double or triple-glazed windows have inert gas between panes of glass. It acts as an insulator to reduce heat transfer and condensation. There’s a seal between the panes of glass to keep airtight. If you see condensation between the layers of glass, it usually means the airtight seal is broken and you may need to have the window replaced.

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