Who’s On Your Home Buying Team?

Purchasing a home can be both exciting and overwhelming. One of the best things you can do is to surround yourself with professionals you trust.

Key members of your home buying team will likely include: a realtor who finds your home, a mortgage broker who shops for the best rates, a lawyer or notary who ensures your legal rights are protected. And last but not least – A Home Inspector who assesses the home’s condition.

Your home inspector will go through the property and suggest ways to control any problems discovered. Items that are currently malfunctioned or old enough to soon need replacement will be revealed. You will understand the potential expenses and reflect on your offering price. The home you want to buy will be inspected with a fine-tooth comb that reveals important information from the life expectancy of your roof to hidden problems like water leakage behind the wall.

A home inspection should always come with a written report. Go over it and be aware of any potential issues in the home. Ideally, look for a home inspector that provides value-added services beyond just an examination of your soon-to-be home. Inspectology offers advice about upcoming home maintenance that you might need to take care of to ensure you a safe and healthy living environment.

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