5 Home Care Tips for the Fall

Autumn is the season that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature in all-new hues. It is the rainiest months in Vancouver, and a good time for some of your home repair projects. Check out these 5 easy steps to keep your home safe and dry!

1. Clear the Gutters

After most of the leaves have fallen, clean out the gutters and downspouts to remove any leaves or twigs. Gutters and downspouts carry a tremendous amount of rainwater away from your roof and building. Your first thing to do is to make sure rainwater drain properly because clogged gutters cause water to pool and this may direct water into your home’s structural components or foundation, creating serious problems.

2. Repair the Roof

A leaky roof in rain session is a nightmare. If you notice any shingle that is missing, damaged or loose, they should be repaired or replaced immediately. Areas around skylights, vents or any roof penetration points leak very often because the sealant will deteriorate over time. This creates an entry point for water to penetrates your roof and rot your structure. Remember it is always easy to fix the small problems before they grow big and damage your house. And if you see most of your shingles are buckling or curling at the edges, it may be the time to re-shingle your roof.

3. Prune the Plants

After the summer growth session, it’s time to prune your plants. Trimming the dead out of trees not only keeps your plant stay healthy, keeping brunches and twigs 2 feet away from the exterior wall is good to your home too. By maintaining a space for your wall to “breathe”, moisture held against the wall surface can now escape. This space also reduces insect and vermin problems in your home.

4. Shut Off Exterior Faucets

In regions where the temperature could reach freezing point, don’t forget to protect your water pipes from cracking by shutting off water to exterior faucets and then run the tap to drain as much of the water out. For the ordinary exterior faucets (non frost-free type), water in the pipes inside the exterior walls could freeze, expand and crack the pipe wall. This leakage would not show up until the next time you turn on the water valves.

5. Guard the Drafts

To cut your heating cost and improve your home’s energy efficiency, check your window and door seals for drafts. Weatherstripping applied around the window frames and door frames helps to keep cold air out. Cracks on your sidings or around window and door frames could be the entry point for the cold draft. Seal any cracks and replace any damaged weatherstripping.

Always make sure “safety comes first.” If there is any question to performing any of the tasks, seek help from or hire a certified professional.

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